Smart strategy for starting CrossFit training

Crossfit strategy is always needed especially if you want to train more than once a week, for example perhaps you want to train 3 times a week, but when you train you to want to change the pace of your training, this is already thinking along the lines of a strategy, fast one day, slow the other, fast again, rest on the weekend, this is another strategy which you can keep on expanding upon, and you can come up with multiple variations, a smart stagey is one which keeps you away from major injury and does not cause damage to the body.

Many people often forget this and when they
do get injured they refuse to take time off and allow their body to heal properly instead they foolishly only stop when they may have permanently damaged the body, had they been smart, and just allowed the body to rest, and to heal they would be okay. Knowing when to stop is also a strategy.

A good strategy for learning CrossFit is to ease your way into it, if you train with a group do not worry if the next person is a lot better and stronger than you, just follow the advice of your CrossFit coach and only progress according to how you feel, this way you do not put pressure on yourself. When training begins to be a problem for you before each lesson you are asking yourself if you should or you should not go, when this happens it meads the strategy you’ve adopted for training CrossFit is not good, a good strategy is to train in a way that you really feel you are looking forward to the next lesson. This way you know you want to learn, it also means that you are having fun learning, and you enjoy progressing, if you start CrossFit with a poor training strategy it will quickly become uninteresting for you.